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Other products

  • Distilled water for battery maintenance
  • Plastic, paper or cellulose cells in different formats, colors or types of holes (round or oblong).
  • Cardboard banners for crosswise positioning for brand identification on finished boxes. Different sizes
  • AT HOME” certified compostable rice fiber sticks in different formats
  • Corrugated and compact plastic free plastic free trays with self-closing system and for flow pack wrap-around formats
  • Cork type polystyrene trays in different sizes and colors
  • Lint-free cellulose wipes on rolls
  • Plastic or paper bags, straight, tapered or T-shirt, with hook-and-loop or zip closure, plain or printed with own brand or those of major chains
  • Box and mini box for watermelon anonymous, generic and brand (LIDL, TESCO, etc.)
  • Self-assembly carton boxes and cases for e-commerce
  • BAG IN BOX cartons with special tap for liquid contents (water, wine, etc.)
  • PLARFORM or COLUMNA carton boxes, PLARFORM or COLUMNA type, anonymous or with own brand name and also from the main chains.
  • Rigid plastic boxes for internal or field use and collapsible POOL or IFCO type in different sizes and colors.
  • Isothermal polystyrene cork boxes for fresh produce courier shipments
  • Cardboard, plastic, aluminized (BRICK and CHIP) corner pieces of different thicknesses, flange widths and heights. Available in anonymous or printed
  • Mobile strapping trolley for manual strapping
  • Thermal cardboard with anti-damage treatment for product identification and labeling in POOL or IFCO folding cartons.
  • Plastic baskets in polypropylene, PET and RPET 100% recycled. Infinity of formats (lid and bottom, hinge, trimix, etc) transparent, translucent, black, etc.
  • Paper adhesive tape (masking tape) in different sizes
  • Polypropylene adhesive tape for sealing and closing bags in different sizes and colors.
  • Transparent or colored adhesive tape (FIXO) in different sizes, anonymous or customizable printed.
  • RIBBON ribbon for thermal transfer printing for TOSHIBA, MARKEN, IMAJE, VIDEOJET printers
  • Banding tapes for heat sealing systems (BANDALL) or ultrasonic sealing systems (ATS), both anonymous and printed with our own brand or designs of the main chains.
  • Lashing and tie-down straps and ropes (buckle and toggle straps, twine, slings, raffia)
  • HOTMELT hot melt glue for gluing equipment (NORDSON, MELER, MELTON)
  • Cardboard buckets and mini buckets for watermelon anonymous, generic and brand (LIDL, TESCO, etc.)
  • Transparent polyethylene cover both adhesive and snap-on. Different sizes
  • Covers (caps) of anonymous or printed corrugated cardboard in different sizes
  • Manual adhesive tape dispenser type GALLINA
  • Cardboard corner pieces for brand identification on the corners of the finished cartons. Different sizes
  • Self-assembly and customizable cardboard boxes for mini cacti
  • Egg cup type cellulose cases for different number of holes
  • Cartons and cardboard tubs for insect packaging for biological control in greenhouses

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  • Self-adhesive labels made of eco or protected thermal paper, couche, polypropylene and low density polyethylene, anonymous and printed with different types of adhesive (including water-soluble).
  • WINE GLASS tie tags made of plastic or thermal cellulose direct printing, anonymous and printed.
  • Food grade film for direct use or for wrapping trays with product
  • Specially coated stretch film for automatic or manual palletizing
  • AT HOME compostable bioriented regenerated cellulose FLOW PACK film in different sizes and perforation options.
  • Biodegradable bioriented polypropylene FLOW PACK film in various sizes and perforation options
  • Bioriented polypropylene FLOW PACK film in various sizes and perforation options
  • Shrink film for cucumber lamination in ovens in conventional or biodegradable material, with different widths and thicknesses.
  • SECOND SKIN film for cauliflower, zucchini, peppers, etc., for automatic or manual use.
  • Mobile manual strapping machine
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual smooth or rough polyester or polypropylene strapping in different sizes and colors
  • Copper-plated strap for closing meshes by staples, both for automatic and manual systems (INJEMSA).
  • Plastic sleeve for wrapping and protecting pallets of packaging from sun, rain and dirt
  • Elastic bands of different colors and sizes
  • Bi-material bottom and top protection sheets (all-in-one) made of paper for the bottom and polypropylene to cover the product
  • FOAM foam sheets for finished product cushioning
  • High buffering capacity bubble wrap sheets (NATURAPLUS)
  • Embossed laid paper sheets for box bottoms
  • Paper sheets for box bottom, between layers or product covering. Multitude of sizes, weights and colors
  • Micro-perforated polypropylene sheets for product coverage and protection
  • Dense anti-pest netting for pallet shipments of product to Canada and the U.S.
  • Netting for automatic palletizing in coils
  • Fruit and vegetable packaging netting in skeins or rolls (for automatic or manual) in conventional or compostable AT HOME material in various colors and weaves.
  • Bag closing and sealing machine
  • Returnable and non-returnable open skid and perimeter wooden pallets for domestic and export use
  • Plastic pallets for air transport and also for internal use. Different sizes and types
  • Star-shaped siliconized cellophane paper for use as a base for melons
  • Single or dual-line labeling gun for traceability and RRP labels
  • Bubble wrap for protection and cushioning in sheets or coils
  • Embossed paper lace lace in different sizes
  • Mesh sacks in different formats and sizes
  • Anti-tip cardboard dividers for holding cups and buckets in finished cartons
  • Aluminum trays suitable for baking
  • Galvanized metal joints for manual strapping machine closure
  • Paper cups and tubs for the ice cream sector
  • Anonymous or printed 100% recycled RPET cups for berries and sliced fruit with different types of lids available
  • Poplar shavings for cushioning and decoration of fruit and vegetable products.


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